Custom Orders

Creating a custom glass piece is a collaboration between Visions in Glass and our client. Before designing an original and creative glass piece we have to consider the function of the art glass in its environment. For example, does the glass need to serve as a focal point, blend in subtly, or add privacy? Is there a theme or specific details you need portrayed? Does bright light entering the room need to be subdued? These are some questions to consider before commissioning custom art glass.

If you have a project in mind, Tim and Carey Sweet of Visions in Glass would love to discuss your special project. Please call 530-346-6186 us to discuss your custom art glass design.

After determining a direction in which to proceed, we will provide drawings done to-scale, samples of glass and any other materials that might be needed to help visualize the finished project more clearly. There is typically a design fee contract to begin this process, which is based on the complexity of the concept. Once the design work is approved, a production Work Order is created and the project is added to the fabrication schedule. Our average lead time is 2-4 weeks, but will make every effort to complete your glass project when it’s needed.

Upon completion, the art glass can be picked up at our studio, delivered to you personally or crated and shipped. We do provide installation for certain types of projects, or can coordinate installation with a contractor of your choice.