Stained, Leaded & Beveled Glass Techniques

Grape harvestWe refer in this heading to the art and craft of joining multiple pieces of colored, clear textured and or beveled glass together by means of lead came or copper foil and solder, into picturesque designs. Common applications include custom stained glass door panels and entryways, skylights, focal point windows, transoms, room dividers and lamps.

An amazing variety of glass types are available with unique textured surfaces, colors and degrees of opacity, to use as deemed appropriate for each project. Beveled glass usually is a product made of 1/4″ clear glass with the entire periphery edge ground at an angle then polished. This edge acts Elegant bath tub windowas a prism, capturing sunlight and refracting it into a spectrum of colors. Beveled glass is available in traditional shapes such as diamonds, straight line rectangles and squares, etc. as well as beautiful multi-piece clusters. Dramatic visual effects can be created combining the use of colored/textured art glass, beveled glass, and etched glass.Elegant bath tub window

Design possibilities exist that are beyond what is often thought! The medium is inherently beautiful by the very nature of the materials. Styles can include abstract, classic, art nouveau, geometric, and the list goes on.

For a complete overview of the techniques and fabrication of stained glass windows, lead came and copper foil glasswork, please follow the link: