Etched Glass Techniques

Etched glass is the broad term for the treatment of glass that produces a white frosted appearance, diffusing transmitted light and reducing glare. The method by which we etch glass is sandblasting (vs. acid or laser etching). Etching of glass affects the surface only and is suitable for tempered safety glass as well as art read more

Stained, Leaded & Beveled Glass Techniques

We refer in this heading to the art and craft of joining multiple pieces of colored, clear textured and or beveled glass together by means of lead came or copper foil and solder, into picturesque designs. Common applications include custom stained glass door panels and entryways, skylights, focal point windows, transoms, room dividers and lamps.
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Glass Carving Techniques

A sculptured, deeply sandblasted technique of etching, carving glass adds a large degree of texture, dimension and detail to a design. Like surface etching, the basic method involves creating a design to scale, transferring it on to glass that has been masked with a rubber resist, hand cutting the details on the resist and removing read more